... mapping the whole world


Using the latest state of the art digital map technology, EACH2's "Terrainflight" Raster products are able to deliver unprecedentedly high quality cartography at extremely cost-competitive rates, for all of your company's mapping needs and requirements.

We can deliver custom or off-the-shelf raster maps, pre-optimised for different scales, suitable for direct consumption into ArcGis™, Mapinfo™, UMN MapServer and other GIS systems, as well as being able to supply ready-tiled datasets which can be used immediately in web-based technology solutions such as OpenLayers.

Working with a variety of baseline data providers such as NAVTEQ™, as well as by utilising public domain sources such as those from NASA we can provide wordwide mapping data solutions that fit all of your requirements.

Terrainflight "Orbis" - World Coverage

Using the same industry-standard tile-based approach as used by Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth, we are able to supply seamless world coverage in one unified projection system. This means you are free to use the mapping data with any web 2.0 application (such as OpenLayers) using nothing more than a web server to hold the tiles for your area of interest, cutting down dramatically on the outlay and maintenance of complex GIS infrastructure.


Terrainflight "Malverns" - GB-only Coverage

Our "Malverns" data set is specifically tailored to work in the EPSG:27700 GB-based projection system as a direct drop-in replacement for other GB-only datasets. It is rendered in 24-bit PNG and is supplied with world projection files, making it easy to be consumed with all popular GIS systems, such as ArcGis™, MapInfo™ and UMS Mapserver.